Les vitrines de Cancale


frencheese 2019


The PR company for small and medium sized businesses, independent traders and shopkeepers.

Strong with a solid experience acquired in big business, the frencheese team offers you all of its knowhow of the web, print, graphic design and drone videos.

frencheese, it's about benefitting from a multi media PR company adapted to your needs and your budget.

frencheese, we understand, we create, and we add value.

  • Lundi-Vendredi 8h00-19h00
  • 06 81 29 57 94
  • 6, rue Frère Florent Gendron
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Actualités du moment
Site Jean d'Cancale

Nous remercions Jean d’Cancale de nous avoir accordé sa confiance pour créer son nouveau site Internet ! Le site est disponible. Très rapidement, le site s’enrichira d’un espace boutique dans lequel vous pourrez commander vos huîtres en ligne. https://www.jean-d-cancale.com