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Moana céramiques


Moana céramiques

Cadeaux / Maison / Déco

Self taught and passionate potter, Moana arrived in Cancale in 2018 to the great delight of lovers of good taste !

In her studio, facing the sea, she creates every day objects : plates, bowls, decorative items, jewellery. They are all individual models, produced in tiny quantities.

Moana loves the touch and feel of clay. All of her work is hand made, not moulded, following ancient traditions which link simple gestures and patience, for working like this requires several weeks.

What singles out Moana's work ? Her pieces are invariably monochrome, their simple and pure lines both functional and beautiful.

Some pieces are imprinted with lace or leaves making them unique.

Come and see Moana's work in her studio or in certain select shops in Cancale (find them on Moana's website).

  • 06 99 33 52 05
  • 83, rue des Rimains
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