Les vitrines de Cancale

Au Coin Desrues


Cadeaux / Maison / Déco

There is no end to the talent in the Desrues family !

Manon, creator of clothing, and Armel, glass blower, have combined their youthful energy with the 25 years experience of Marie-Claire, antique dealer and Gérard, furniture maker.

In this creative family they like to give things a second life. Manon uses old fabrics to create colourful dresses. Marie-Claire seeks out all sorts of finds. Gérard works with wood and makes or renovates all styles of furniture. Armel will delight you with his iridescent and originally shaped glass sculptures.

You don't find a family like this on every street corner !

  • 06 61 17 67 36
  • 10, rue du Port
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