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La Cuisine Corsaire - Ecole


La Cuisine Corsaire - Ecole

    La Cuisine Corsaire - Ecole

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At the heart of the Maisons de Bricourt, Emmanuel Tessier heads up a place where you can exchange and share knowledge : La Cuisine Corsaire - Ecole.

Discover, master, and embellish ingredients from the sea and from the garden by using Roellinger © spices which embody the essence of La Cuisine Corsaire. Learn to cook these recipes at home by means of demonstrations or practical courses.

This enjoyable experience will end by you tasting your dishes.

An inspired chef, Emmanuel likes to show his talent outside the school : the Chef at home service allows you to welcome him into your kitchen, at your house, for you.

With the Balades Corsaires you take part in a sea trip full of flavour and salty sea air : imagine yourself sailing as part of a fleet of traditional Breton sailing boats like the Renard or the iconic Bisquine Cancalaise savouring Emmanuel’s dishes.

The chef’s on board… a real floating restaurant !

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  • Place St Méen
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