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Ongles & Color’s by OPI


Ongles & Color’s

    Ongles & Color’s by OPI

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You can count on Laurence to make you beautiful right to the tips of your fingers ! She will give you professional beauty advice for your hands and feet, embellished with the OPI product range, in gels or resins.

Bright colours and exceptionally long lasting classic nail polish, the Infinite Shine polish or Gel Colour (semi permanent - lasts 2-3 weeks: 45€). Your only problem ? Choosing from the 330 colours !

Laurence pampers your feet in an armchair with foot spa. Enjoy the only two fish spas in the area, alone or with a friend.

You can also treat your feet with Calluspeeling to find again that baby soft skin in a single session.(39€)

  • du Lundi au Samedi de 9:00 à 18:00
  • 02 99 89 53 39
  • 7, place de la Victoire
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