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Natures des Mondes


Natures des Mondes

    Natures des Mondes

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There, nothing but luxury, peace and delight. Baudelaire seems to have written these words about the spa of Carole and Marine. They offer treatments from all over the world, such as hair removal with honey or hammam or a massage with meditation.

Be tempted by the massages (ayurveda, balinese, Californian), alone or together. Come with your lover, mother, best friend….

Try the Escapade Spa : you'll have it to yourselves for half a day ! Discover the body balm of Céline Escand, the products Charme d'Orient, Antipodes, Zao or the latest, La Fabrik' à Bulles. Re-discover the classics such as argan oil and Aleppo soap.

Benefit from the skills of Marine and Carole in their salon, at home or on holiday.

  • 02 99 89 86 74
  • Rue de la Bretonnière
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