Les vitrines de Cancale

Ecole de musique de la baie de Cancale


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For more than 40 years the school of music has been a joint venture between towns where everyone pools staff and equipment.

More than 20 disciplines are taught in the school at Cancale and in the branches in St Jouan, St Père, and St Méloir. Individual lessons, groups and various workshops are provided for beginners and advanced musicians.The school also offers painting workshops several times per week.

The secret of the long life of the school? A stable and united group of teachers backed by Béatrice in the office.

New premises will be available soon which will increase the quality of the school : in fact it will unite with the future centre for cultural and club activities in the heart of Cancale . It is planned to be the place for lively interactions between everyone, where all can meet together to practise, play, study and enjoy themselves ........

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  • 6 rue Hamon Vaujoyeux
  • Par courrier : 48, rue du Port
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