Les vitrines de Cancale

Marathon de la Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel


Marathon de la Baie


30 volunteers help Benoit, Nicolas and the members of the committee of this lively association.

During the 22nd edition of this race, which traditionally takes place on the last week-end of May, there will be up to 1200 volunteers helping the runners in this unique marathon where you can see the finish from the starting point !

You're tempted to give it a go but feel that maybe you are not quite up to running this famous race? The bay of Mont St Michel marathon association organises several other races allowing 7000 runners to take part each year !

So, you can sign up for a half marathon, but also for the first 10k Cancale run. Linking sport with fun this latest test will see you running past some of the famous sites of Cancale towards a big finishing line. Your taking part helps support an important social and community event.

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